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Canada Lawn Fertilization / Weed Control Pricing

Lawn Fertilizer Canada

Lawn Fertilization / Weed Control

  • $47.00 – Spring Starter: Apr/ May   10/3/3 Organic
  • $47.00 – Intensifier: June/ Mid July   10/3/3 Organic
  • $47.00 – Summer Beautifier: July/Aug   10/3/3 Organic
  • $47.00 – Early Fall: Mid Aug/ Mid Sept   9/4/2/ Organic
  • $47.00 – Winterizer: Mid Sept/ End Oct   3/3/8 Organic
  • $199.00 Seasonal Package: 5 applications

Please note that Canada Yard Pro must adhere to all Provincial bans regarding the use of combination fertilizer/herbicide products. As of January 1, 2010 products containing a combination of fertilizer and herbicide (commonly known as weed and feed) will no longer be available for sale or use in Alberta. Herbicide-only products will still be available for spot application, as they result in less surplus chemical draining from the lawn, running into storm sewers and entering waterways.

  • $47.00 – PAR III Weed Control application. ***Not available in all regions due to herbicide restrictions
  • $199.00 Seasonal Package: 5 organic fertilization applications and 2 applications of PAR III Weed Control (where herbicide use is permitted)