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Pure Grow Lawn Fertilization

Pure Grow Lawn Fertilizer

Canada Yard Pro provides professional yard care services throughout the year. Canada Yard Pro services all geographic areas of Toronto Ontario, Winnipeg Manitoba, Regina Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta Edmonton Alberta and Invermere, British Colombia.

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Lawn Fertilization

This is a key factor in having a healthy lawn. Lawns in Canada should be fertilized three times a year with the bare minimum being once a year. The first application should be applied early spring. This helps new growth get a kick start. The second application should be applied in the beginning or mid June. This application contains nitrogen, a key element in having green grass. This application also contains corn glutton which acts like a barrier to help prevent broad leaf weeds, such as dandelions, germinate. If weeds are caught early, before they have gone to seed and spread throughout your lawn, there is a better chance of having a weed free lawn. Canada Yard Pro practices LHM, or Limited Herbicide Management.

Note: some application dates may vary due to the different climate regions in Canada.

Additional lawn fertilization applications can be applied in July and August to add more nitrogen and weed control to your lawn.

The last application should be applied late Sept early Oct. This application is a winterizer that helps prepare the lawn for the long cold months ahead, reducing the amount of winter kill.

PureGrow Organic Fertilizer

Canada yard Pro uses PureGrow™, a premium grade fertilizer that is 100% organic and 100% Canadian manufactured to ensure you are getting the best money can buy.

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